I am a developer currently looking for employment, having just completed a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. My talents include finding and building simple solutions to everyday problems, developing and establishing processes and practises that encourage efficiency and safeguard against mistakes, and guiding and teaching others, be they children or colleagues. That said, I honestly enjoy pretty much anything that challenges me and brings me some variety in an industry where it is very easy to end up doing the same work over and over.

Until recently, I was employed as a Software Engineer at Tekron, where I worked largely independently on vital internal software development projects, as well as process development, software documentation, and mentoring of newer developers. I left this role to focus on finishing my degree and give myself breathing space to decide where I wanted to head next in my career. Think that next stop could be you? Drop me a line on Twitter, where I’m sure to see it.

For more about me, including education and work history, check out my LinkedIn profile here.