COMP313 – Computer Game Development

An introduction to my work and post series on my 3rd year paper “COMP313 – Computer Game Development”.

I’m going to start a blog post series to document my progress with the projects in this course. All posts will be tagged COMP313.

The first assignment will be a research essay about a particular development technique or technical aspect of game creation that could help in the development of your team’s game. In this case, my team is working on a game called The Ar-King, a platformer about two characters trying to clear the land of evil and return the throne to it’s rightful heir, the titular Ar-King.

My research topic is on user interface design and development. This includes menus, heads-up displays (HUDs), input customisation, and overall look and feel of the aspects of the game outside of actual gameplay (with the exception of the HUD, which is very much a part of actual gameplay). Thus far, I have (for the most part) been unable to find good resources on Game UI design and best practices. While some good opinion pieces exist around good and bad examples of UI, there doesn’t seem to be any resources around actual guidelines or accepted practices, which is problematic for me. I am hoping that I might be able to contact some industry professionals or source some information from my User Interface Design lecturer, but I need to get resources soon, because the essay is due March 31.

Wish me luck!